Dem 312

Explain how different forms of dementia may affect the way an individual communicates.

All forms of dementia can affect the way a person communicates, so in time they may have to find different ways of expressing themselves and their feelings.

Alzheimer's disease

may repeat question after few minutes
forgetting people
cannot remember earlier parts of conversation
struggle to find the rigt words to hold conversation
loss of language skills
use of inappropriate language

Vascular dementia

slurred speech
word substitution
reduced communication
inability to express oneself
reduced understanding

Explain how physical and mental heatlh factors may need to be considered when communicating with individual who has dementia

People with dementia may have other difficulties too, like loss of hearing, make sure that the hearing aids are working well and that you speak to them in a loud clear voice so they can understand you. The person could also be in pain or discomfort, they could be having side effects from medication which will affect the way they communicate with you. Other problems would be eyesight, make sure they are wearing the correct prescription of glasses. Dentures are important aswell, if the dentures are loose fitting then this will affect the person’s speech and this will be frustrating for them.

Describe how to support different communication abilities and needs of an
individual with dementia who has a sensory impairment

Sensory impairment could come in the form of loss of hearing or sight or
partial loss of these factors. Ways to support these impairments could be the
environment, background noise could be a factor which makes communication
difficult for an individual they may find it hard to hear you talk or unable to
communicate. Lighting may affect communication if a pace is too bright or not
well lit then it may confuse a resident as they are unable to see and concentrate
on what is being said. Is...