Dem 304

Unit DEM 304

1.1 - The Human Right Act 1998 - says, that residents of the United Kingdom
will now be able to seek help from the courts if they believe that their
human rights have been infringed. Which guarantees the rights of liberty and
security of the person, the right of freedom of expression, of thought,
conscience and religion, freedom from slavery, servitude and forced or
compulsory labour, and the prohibition of discrimination in the enjoyment of
convention rights.
With this introduction of the Human Rights Act, the government had to show
commitment to protecting the most vulnerable adults as well as children.
Which wasn't before everyone couldn't access the same rights.

Mental Capacity Act 2005 - The MCA has been forced since 2007 and applies to
England and Wales. The act is to promote and safeguard decision-making
within legal framework. It is applied by empowering people to make decisions
for themselves whenever possible and by protecting people who suffering from
lack capacity by providing a flexible framework that places the person at
the centre of the decision making progress. The act also allow the person to
plan ahead   for a time in the future when they might be lack the capacity
for any numbers of reason.

Mental Health Act 2007 - Protect the right of the person in England and
Wales who are assessed as having mental disorder which includes dementia. if
an individual is thought to be at risk or a danger to themselves or others,
this law allows them to be detained or 'sectioned' also allow the person
called   'guardians' to be appointed to meek decisions on behalf of that
. Introduction of Supervised Community Treatment.
. Mental Health professionals
. Nearest relative enable the patient to appoint a civil partner as nearest
relative . Definition of mental disorder, introduce a new definition of
mental disorder throughout the act, abolishing previous categories .
Criteria for involuntary commitment, the...