Delirium (Lauren Oliver Novel)

Critical Essay

What factors seem to cause a development? What effect does this have on the character and on the outcome of the story?

At the start of Delirium Lena is excited about getting the cure. Lena is excited about getting the cure, which stops people having the ability to love someone/thing. Everyone has to get the cure at 18 by law. She also is adamant to getting the cure as she doesn’t want to be like her mum.
''I don’t like to think that I'm still walking around with the disease running through my blood sometimes I swear I can feel it writhing in my veins like something spoiled, like some milk''
This shows that Lena wants the cure as soon as she can get it. Also, she loathes the idea that she is or can still be prone to getting the ''disease''.

Lena discovers Hana listening to illegal music and is intrigues. Lena walks in on Hana listening to illegal music and therefore begins to question why and how she is and has been able to listen to this music.
''And you should hear the music. Incredible, amazing you know. Music, like nothing you’ve ever heard, music that already takes your head off''
This shows that Hana is so into this music, and passionate about even types of music that are forbidden, and she's starting to get Lena hyped and excited about it to and curious.

Lena then goes to Hana's party and sees how dangerous the authorities can be.
Lena then witnesses a raid on the party by the authorities, which lets Lena see for herself how violent and destructive the authorities truly are.
''They lied about everything about the fence and the existence of the individuals, about a million other things besides''
This is when Lena truly discovers for herself that the authorities are in fact deceivers and have lied about things like the fence being full of electricity and many other deceits.

At the party Lena encounters a boy called Alex, and gradually discovers her feelings for him.
Lena is wary of Alex at first, as her views of...