Delinquency-Reinforcing Video Games

Delinquency-Reinforcing Video Games
And their
Negative Effects on our youth's ability to
become positive members of society

Term: Delinquency-Reinforcing Video Games
Thesis: Playing Delinquency-Reinforcing Video Games have negative effects on our youth's ability to become a positive member of society.
Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence #1 - The first negative effect is a false sense of societal reality.
Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence #2 - The second negative effect is aggressive behavior leading to violence.
Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence #3 — The th.n d negative effect is the increased tendency to violate criminal laws.

This paper will offer a definitive essay of delinquency enforcing video games and the negative effect they have on our youths ability to become positive members of society. The paper will explore the differences in historical play time for children compared to today. This paper will offer three different negative effects that delinquency enforcing video games have on our youth. Furthermore, it will offer examples to support the author's thesis.

When I think back to my youth, playtime consisted of creative, physical, outdoor activities. I remember the excitement of kickball in the field, hot summer days at the swimming pool, bike riding with neighborhood friends, and hours passed by a serious game of hide and seek. During summer vacations, I can recall spending the whole day outside and not wanting to go in when it was time for dinner. The simplicity of asking, "Can I go outside now" opened children to an abundant world of fun. Times have changed dramatically. The creativity that children used to make social, physical, outdoor fun for themselves has been replaced by the mundane conformity of being secluded inside the house in a sedative state, almost hypnotized by video games. Quite often, they are delinquency-reinforcing...