Delinquecy Theories

Psychological Theories of Delinquency – I agree that the essential cause for delinquency is psychological. As a result I will be comparing two psychological perspectives Psychodynamic and Behavioral, I do not agree with the Cognitive Theory so I will not be comparing that perspective.

Psychodynamic Theory – Human personality is controlled by unconscious mental processes developed early in childhood. I agree that traumatic events that occur during childhood will help shape who they will become in adulthood. Ex: If a young boy watches his father abuse his mother he will be likely to do the same to his partner as an adult. I also believe that the unconscious part of the personality is also a large influence on delinquent behavior. Ex: If a child is born with ADHD then they would be more likely to act out without reason or intent.

Behavioral Theory – Delinquency is caused by observable behavior rather than unconscious processes, with a focus on stimuli and responses to them. I agree that
Personality is learned throughout life during interactions with others. Children are like sponges and they are always observing others, especially their role models. I believe that if behavior is influenced and enforced than it will most likely be learned. Although I do not necessarily agree that if a behavior is punished than it will be avoided. Personally, if I was punished for doing something I would most likely repeat the act a number of times despite the punishment. Punishment works for some children, but not for all. I also agree that if a child continuously hears their parents using fowl language, but are told not swear the child will probably pick up a bad habbit of using swear words because those words were drilled into their heads. A childs environment is a huge influence on how they will act and who they will become as an adult.

I agree with both of these theories, but I also disagree with certain beliefs within them. Unfortunately everyone is different and no...