This assignment must be completed in order to receive credit in this course.
This course presents the history of western civilization.  It also presents a history of the development of history.  The introduction of the text has an excellent discussion of what history is and the role of personal opinion in the interpretation of history.  All history is interpretation.  Although historians must attempt to be thorough and objective in their evaluation of information, they can never free themselves from the biases they bring to their work.  These biases influence the historians in the topics they choose to research, the types of evidence they choose to gather, and the interpretations they make.
Select 3-4 articles to use as examples.  These articles may relate to one topic, such as women in history, military history, or the history of religion; they may focus on one historical period; or they may represent a variety of topics and time periods.
Consider the following questions as you develop your essay:
  * What is the basic interpretation (thesis) that each article presents?
  * Does it appear that the interpretation is based on solid evidence? What are the main points?
  * What type of historical research has been used to produce the information discussed in the articles?
  * What issues, values, and/or concerns appear to have motivated historians to pursue this research and to write the articles?
  * Does the article appear to be driven by the author’s desire to improve the reader’s understanding of the historical period or to convince the reader of the author’s position?

Your essay should include the following:
• An introductory paragraph that presents your thesis
• 3-5 body paragraphs that present the information that supports your thesis
• A concluding paragraph.

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