Deja Vu

Déjà vu

      The sun is shining towards me. The sentiment of being alone is executing me. I saw a chap gawking at my forlorn countenance, I feel risky. I started to launch a stride on the cantankerous boulevard of peccadillo. This insane sensation made me to drop from my steadiness. A roaring pain impaired my feeble knees, I started to cry. A considerate gentleman helped me to stand upright from the ground, how compassionate he is. He carried me to the aged bench and started to clean my throbbing wound… for a while, I smiled. I never thought that someone would dare to help me for it’s the seventh time I fell on that unharmonious place of filth and he, the one with a kind heart, is a stranger for me.
      We walk with a slow melody together; starting to have a conversation is not that easy for a kind of shy-type girl like me. After a shrewd guess on what will or should I say, he ruined our stillness.
      “You are heavy”, he said
What a good start, I wanted to fall from my balance again and lose my consciousness after that. I can’t even deem that I’m stout or it’s just me who said that. Still smiling though with a little embarrassment, I confidently answer him.
”The coins in my pocket made me heavy”
      He laughed for an instance and admits that he was teasing me and of course I know that. We started chit-chatting and making an alive melody from within. My gloomy mood was blown away together with the sting from my lesion… suddenly I feel sheltered with somebody I don’t know the given name but I admire him the most.
      He finished my daylight hours with a gentle smile that made my heart tremble for a moment. It’s like the intricate and thorny word they call love. Love at first glance. I chuckled at myself wandering why in a world would I be in love with him who I, myself don’t have any background about his living before. Yes, I don’t know him but the good thing is I like him. I know even before that I am…stupid in terms of being in love....