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Every living thing needs water to survive. Following this further, the human body is 60% water (, 2009). Many people do not understand how important water is to maintain their health. However, the body depends on water to do many functions. Water is involved in every process that takes place inside the body, from digestion to circulation (, 2010). Without water, the human body would not be able to do any of the function that is crucial for survival.
Water is essential for maintaining health. It clears the body of toxins that can cause harm if built up. Water can relieve heartburn and headaches (, 2010). Water fills the stomach up without adding calories, so it helps maintain a healthy weight and overeating. It is proven that water can make a person feel more energetic (, 2010). Finally, water can protect against colon and bladder cancer (, 2010). Water is a cure for many common ailments, including allergies, high blood pressure, lower back and neck pain, headaches, and many more. ( The Dehl Group, 1998). Water is essential because the body depends on it to carry out many functions.
Water has many functions in the body. Water is responsible for necessary nutrients to the cells. Also, water removes waste products and toxins that organs reject through urine and feces (, 2009). Furthermore, water contributes in the biochemical break down of food (, 2009). Water also helps maintain body temperature. Water allows the body to release heat when the surrounding temperature is higher than body temperature (, 2009). The sweat that is released evaporates and cools the body. Water is used as
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lubricant around the joints (, 2009). Lastly, it acts as a shock absorber for the eyes, spinal cord, and fetus (, 2009). As previously stated, the body depends on water to complete every function within it.
Not only does the body get put under lots of unnecessary stress if it does not get...