Definition Essay for Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice a system that keeps Criminals under control
Jennifer Anderson
Composition I
Instructor Steven Sparks
June 19, 2012

    Criminal justice is the application or study of laws regarding criminal behavior.   Those who study criminal justice includes police, those working in a judiciary capacity, and lawyers who either defend or prosecute those accused of a crime.   Others work as advocate for changes in the current laws, like members of the Supreme Courts.
  Justice also refers not only to the fair trial accorded to the citizens of most countries, but also to the just retribution for victims of a crime. Police officers train specifically on what powers they have in relationship to a suspect and what powers they do not have.   Most work in law enforcement study criminal justice and attend special academics to further training. Those who choose FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) obtain four year degree in criminal justice.   Lawyers with a special interest in either the prosecution or defense of suspected criminals choose to major four years in criminal justice.
  It was not until 1829, however that the first police agency opened. The London Metropolitan Police was created both to keep the peace and to identify and apprehend criminal suspects.   Police agencies began to appear in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century.   The modern era of criminal justice can be traced to a series of research projects begun in 1950’s under the sponsorship of the American Bar Foundation (ABF).   Originally designed to provide in-depth analysis of the organization, administration and operation of criminal justice agencies, the ABF project discovered that the justice system contained many procedures that had been kept hidden from the public views.   The research focus shifted to an examination of previously obscure processes: investigations, arrest, prosecution and plea negotiations.
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