Define Difference

The Oxford English Dictionary 2010 defines difference as being
1. A point or way in which people or things are dissimilar.
2. The state or condition of being dissimilar.

The definition indicates how difference can be viewed and constructed, we are all different in some way, it is what makes us individual.
The cultures surrounding City Road today are very different from past times. City Road now has a wide and diverse range of cultures and this is evident with the businesses the street has to offer. These outlets seem to be mainly aimed at the ethnic residents and student population. This is far different from the street 40/50 years ago when the area was bustling with local businesses and tradesmen from traditional newsagents to car mechanics and garages.
People who have lived and worked on city road for generations have seen first hand the changes on the street.
For example: The men from the municipal club have gone from once feeling safe and in a place of belonging to now feeling completely different about the street with feelings of fear and sadness.
CJ Buttwell, once a thriving, traditional newsagents to now a business that after 85 years has stopped trading due to the changes and re making of City Road.  
I believe that one person can make a difference in time of crisis and need, but we also need to try day by day to make a difference by simply lending a helping hand and showing kindness to each other.