Define Difference and Inequality and Provide Examples on City Road.

In this essay I will look at the types of difference and inequality and how they effect the people of City Road.
Differences are something that everybody has such as gender, class and ethnicity. It simply means that we are not all alike. Differences can create discrimination amongst individuals due to their social characteristics. Inequality however is the unequal opportunities and conditions dependant on social position within society.
There are many differences between people on City Road. One of these is ethnicity. The different ethnicities on City Road are created by immigration and migration. There are a variety of buisnesses on the street selling different products from different countries. Janet Symmons owns the store Xquisite Africa. She feels a sense of disconnect with 'the African part of herself' and decides to take a trip back to Africa to recharge her batteries and regain a sense of who she is.
The history of the Macintosh centre reveals a pattern of inequality. The buildings appearance reflects its history as the home of a wealthy family. It is its imposing appearance that makes many local people feel as if they are not welcome there. The head coach feels that it is daunting and looks like a private and expensive club.
The inequalities revealed by the Macintosh centre persist due to the perceptions of what people beleive is and is not for them. People have preconceptions of where they feel that they belong and will not feel excluded and because of this they often exclude themselves to avoid possibly feeling unwelcome.

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