Define Counselling Skills

Understanding what is meant by   counselling skills .

1.1 Define counselling skills .
There are many skills to be a qualified counsellor and knowing the boundaries is very important . We make sure personal space is adequate between the clients chair and counsellors chair (2metres) .
There is no touching of the client even if they are upset , they must stay with the feelings and a hug from the counsellor could take that away. This is not ethnical either as this may be interpreted as affection . Our clients could have experienced abuse and have negative feelings of being touched .
A written contract must be signed by both parties and rules are established including the amount of sessions and time frames . Confidentially is included in the contract and all data and work notes is stored safely and never shared .All counsellors are trained appropriately in skills and theory so they may teach to acceptable standards . All counsellors are insured.   The client must also know that any information that she/he reveals that has criminal activity including terrorism , intent to harm yourself or others , related to children will be taken to a supervisor .
There is an ethical framework and code of practice that all counsellors work from BACP .( British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy ) . Counsellors will receive on going supervision through out , a place where the counsellor can off load to another counsellor and explore any worries she has in confidence   allowing her to explore her own needs . It's important that we ourselves are safe ; personal therapy . It is important that the counsellor promotes the skills within the client so they can be more self aware of there own needs .
Basic skills .
Counsellors learn many skills to gain as much information from   their clients . The role of the counsellor is to facilitate rather than to offer advice . Giving   encouragement   helps them to feel self-empowerment and awareness and autonomy and to build a...