Defense Against Overpaid Celebrities

Against overpaid clelebrites

I think celebrities are overrated and overpaid. Celebrities get paid for the way they look, and how well they do in movies. I don't believe that acting in a movie is worth millions of dollars or makes that one person worth that much. Celebrities are corrupting our youth today. They get paid for doing crazy things and aren't even people to look up to. Celebrities are definitely overrated!
Sandra Hernandez
Teacher: Jean Bovee
Weslaco High School

I don't think celebrities are overrated and overpaid. I think all the hard work they do is not rated enough and they should be paid even more for what they do. Celebrities take a long time to make only one song or to get their acting parts perfect. They also go through a lot in their personal lives. They deserve what they get.
Erik Torres
Teacher: Vernon Nelson
Vernon Middle School

Personally, I believe that celebrities are overrated because to be honest...when there's news on a celebrity, it's not such a big deal. We've had celebrities since God knows when. It's not such a big surprise when something happens to them. To be honest, people shouldn't even worry about that. There are a lot of problems in the world to be worrying about celebrities. They aren't taking care of the world for you.
Lucie Ann Torres
Teacher: Wenndy Pray
Vernon Middle School

Many people claim that celebrities are overrated aside with being overpaid. I agree with this statement, but only to a certain extent. If you're a person such as Hannah Montana or Paris Hilton who are just drama queens then I feel they don't deserve the credit they receive making this statement true. On the contrary if you're someone like Johnny Depp who excels in his acting ability then they deserve their credibility and income.
Rene Cavazos
Teacher: Jean Bovee
Weslaco High School

Yes they are normal people like us. Celebrities don't deserve to get a lot of money when they only get like one scene.
Edward Shull
Teacher: Susan King
Gutierrez Middle...