Decting Media Bias

Joyce Ashe
Lisa White

Teen Dancer Taken From Legal Guardian Alleges Racial Profiling

According to ABC NEWS.COM Thirteen-year-old Landry Thompson was on a trip with her African-American dance instructor and dance partner when police handcuffed them all and placed Thompson in Child Protective Services.   Landry Thompson has been dancing since she was 7. For the past few years she's been practicing hip-hop routines in Oklahoma and dreaming about one day being able to travel to Houston to dance with Chachi Gonzales at the Planet Funk Academy.
Her parents made that dream come true this past weekend when they allowed her to fly to Texas with her dance instructor, Emmanuel Hurd, 29, and her dance partner, Josiah Kelly, 22.The three spent the better part of the day at the dance studio and even took part in a video shoot. The exhausted trio left, ate dinner and stopped at a gas station around 3 a.m. to program their GPS to find their hotel.
"Everything was going amazing. It was a beautiful day—and then everything went bad," Hurd told. According to Hurd, he dozed off and awoke to police surrounding the car. Hurd and Kelly were taken out of the car and told not to worry, that they wouldn't be arrested, just detained, Hurd told the news station."[The officer] puts the handcuffs on very, very tight [and] throws me in the back and does the same to Josiah," Hurd said. "All the while I'm looking at Landry. She's terrified. "Landry, who was still in the car crying, called her mother on her cellphone. She tried to hand the phone to the officers hoping her mother could clear things up. The cops refused, Landry told ABC The officers began checking for her name on a list of runaways, and when they couldn't find it they were convinced that Landry was giving them a fake name.   A police officer eventually took Landry's phone and spoke to her mother.
"He got on the phone and he said, 'Are you aware your daughter is in Houston, Texas, with...