Decline of America

The Decline Of America

Some people would say that America is not what it used to be and some people would say that America is getting better every day; I say, why not both? America is just like every other super-power in the world. It has a massive debt, corrupt leaders, poverty in some spots, and a hopeful nation that someone will come along and change everything. Our massive debt comes from the fact that our current leaders can not come together to make a budget that is living within its means. It has a budget that will allow for almost anything that they want but hardly any money is spent towards the things Americans need the most. I believe that the money our government gets in raises could be better spent on the American people instead of its leaders. Our leaders should create a budget that only allows for the necessities and a little bit more for emergency situations. Our national debt would decrease each year until finally it because non-existent. Poverty is going to exist no matter who is in charge or what kind of budget your government has. Not every one can keep a job and pay their bills. People say that the minimum wage is lower now than it has ever been, but they never look at the fact that the standard of living has risen all across the country. Most companies give a standard of living raise when the standard of living goes up. I think if you look in some places, you could find a hundred things wrong with America. However, if you look in the right places, you can find a thousand great things about America. America is full of happy people, jobs that are worth working, colleges that offer so much education, and salaries that are enough to support your family. Even though a lot of people complain about the things that are wrong with this country, they would still rather live her than
any other place in the world. I don’t think America is declining but I realize that its not going to be perfect over-night.