Declare Love

ENG 101
Dr. Menz
Dongsuk Shin
A Man Declared His Love
“Oh! Today is little bit chilly.” A guy who carried a gift box stood up at an apartment. A few minutes later, a girl came out of the apartment, then asked him. “Why do you come here?” The man hesitated to give her a definite answer. He just said “Let's take a walk around.”   The girl was embarrassed. “Hey! Do you know what time is it now? It’s almost 11 pm.”   “Oh.. I k…know that it is too late.” “But, I…I have to tell you something so, just walk with me.” He panicked and kept stumbling over his words. The girl really didn’t know why he came here, even though, today is special day. She really wants to ask him but she can’t, because he is edgy. He who held the gift box tells her. “It is not yours, but my sister’s.” He just answers even though she didn’t ask him.   I think he looked like a fool. If I were him, I would have told her directly. Maybe the readers who read this story might notice why he went to her on November 11 and also they feel frustrated because he can’t express himself in English. Don’t worry about that. He will be fine. Just please cross your fingers for him. Why did I write his love story? I would like to say something. “Because, he who is a fool in the story is Dongsuk Shin.”   When I got an assignment about a persuasive situation story, I thought that my confession of love will be good for this homework.   Okay , let read again how he declared his love for her.
The day was little bit chilly on November 11, it is called ‘Pepero day’ a special day which people give Pepero to a person who they love. I decided to give the gift to her in the morning. A girl who I stuck on and I worked together. The girl was so cute and did well with her college work.   We were every bit as opposite such as favorite music, movie and religion. I hung out with her after work or on the weekend. Sometimes, I had an awful reason to hang out with her. For example, I took her task, when she went hometown....