Declaration of War

This was a “formal Declaration of War" and Congressional legislation that uses the phrase "Declaration of War.” "Funded by Congress" or "undeclared war" to describe other such conflicts.   I don't think any of us will ever forget this war, an attack that took us all off guard.   I can say this war, has a huge impact on so many of us, we all have someone that we know, who has had family fighting in this war, for our freedom, and yes there was huge success in catching “Saddam Hussein”. There are so many questions here from all of us, and yes, thank God they got the men who orchestrated this awful crime.   I do believe that God wants us to obey his word when it comes to terrorist hurting our world that we live in and call “Land Of The Free”. It's too bad those men that were flying the planes didn't know our God.   The extremes they went to from going to our colleges, flight school, and even using our money, which is Gods.   Too bad somewhere along the way they didn't meet Jesus, and stop their awful sin.   They were brain washed from a child, to die for just an awful cause that has know significance on their life, no meaning. No life in eternity with our savior.   It could have been a lot different, if just maybe one of them got weak. I don't understand their world. There is victory in this war, but the pain so many has went through and will never be the same.