Decisions in Paradice

Decisions n Paradise III
Implementing a decision is a crucial step in the decision- making process, and it is a significant step toward a successful outcome. Implementing the decision involves evaluating the impact and monitoring the chosen decision. Success of an organization depends on how strategic a decision has been monitored, evaluated, and implemented. This paper will illustrate the in-depth judgment and tactical decision- making process used to execute the solution developed to create a greater presence on the island of Kava. An evaluation will also be conducted illustrating the ethical implications from stakeholder’s perspectives, resources, and actions required for the purposed solution of initiating the humanitarian mission.
First Transit has a current mission of providing safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation to the island of kava’s local community and tourist community; they provide shuttle services, express routes, local routes, and school routes. First transit has monopolized the transit industry in Kava and believes that creating a greater presence through humanitarian relief is the ethical thing to do after Kava has given very much to this organization. The decision has been made to expand the presence in kava by providing humanitarian aid caused by the devastating forces of Mother Nature and diligently continuing normal business operation of providing public transportation. The problem of insufficient manpower has surfaced and a solution has been formulated to combat this problematic setback that if not handled correctly could hinder the opportunity to create a greater presence. The solution to this problem is to use current employees to contribute a few hours while establishing a response team from the local community; this plan would be resourceful and beneficial to the current disaster scenario and possibilities of future disasters. Implementation of this plan would require an in- depth analysis of possible factors...