Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process
Verna Massey
Paul Moore

Decision Making Process
The biggest decision that I’ve ever had to make was that of moving to a different state with my then fiancée nine years ago.   We were living in St. Louis, Mo and he was the Material Handling Supervisor for Ford Motor Company in Florissant, Mo.   There had been rumors and reports of the plant being shut down and he’d decided to stay on until they found out for sure if the plant was going to close.  
We’d been living together for about five years prior and were planning to wed, but had some things that we each wanted to take care of before making that financial leap.   When word came up about the impending closure of that plant, though we knew it was coming, we had no idea what we were going to do.   The whole situation threw a big monkey wrench into our plans for the next year.
He had been considering positions with friends that he’d worked with before at different companies and hadn’t quite made a decision about that yet, when he was approached by a supervisor and human resources about applying to other plants.   Apparently, other plants were looking for workers to fill spots and his name came up.   We thought that this would be awesome because they were talking about plants nearby.   Time passed, interviews were done, and the final hour had come and he received a call from Michigan Truck Plant for an interview via video.   By the end of that interview he’d been offered the position.  
I was so happy for him, and then it hit me.   I would have to go with him.   Granted long distance relationships can and does work, eventually I would still have to make that move.   The obvious choice was should I stay home or pack up and leave all that I knew behind and just start over with him and make the best of it.   I felt instantly a type of pressure that I hadn’t felt before.   What if this new job stresses him out? What if we can’t sell the house? What if he gets there and he decides...