Deca Agenda

Student Samples from analysis of Ch. 1 (The Great Gatsby)

Lower Score

[sounds like a 4-low 5 essay]
In this scene of The Great Gatsby, the main character, Nick, is meeting with his cousin, Daisy, and her husband, Tom.   The phone begins to ring, ruining the atmosphere of the small party and leading to the conversation presented.   The contradiction of the nightingale being “romantic” adds to the startled atmosphere and reflects the difference between Daisy and Myrtle.   The nightingale is often associated with great sorrow; the characterization of it as “romantic” is quite contradictory, thus making the passage a juxtaposition.   This helps to add to the subtle comparison between Daisy, Tom’s wife, and Myrtle, his mistress.

Nick is not necessarily the main character.
This is summary! (a “2”)
Beware phrases with a “the noun” construction (“his attitude”; “the way”; etc.) – without a clearly interpretive adjective before the noun, this phrase does not communicate.
Your task is never to simply prove that the device is present; additionally, this writer has misunderstood juxtaposition.
This “comparison” or (previously stated) “difference” is neither identified nor proven. [The writer must develop idea and link to discussion of device.]

Middle Score

[sounds like a high 5-6 essay]
The juxtaposition functions to highlight Daisy’s willingness to pretend that no fight had just occurred between her and Tom in front of her guests, Nick and Ms. Baker.   She resorts to speaking of a bird, a nightingale, who had been “singing romantically,” which contradicts Daisy’s current feelings toward Tom. Furthermore, the ringing of the telephone brings an immediate interruption of the “nightingale” conversation and practically destroys it.   The phone brings back much negative memory of Tom’s and Daisy’s ongoing conflict.

Clarify device: “the juxtaposition of ____ and _____ functions…”
“Daisy’s current feelings” – see my note above regarding “the noun” constructions....