Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

Tuition reimbursement programs are beginning to become more popular among other companies’ benefits. Not only will a tuition reimbursement program benefit the employee, but it will also improve the company in many ways as well. Based on our company itself, I have concluded that assisting with employees pursuing a degree in business and, or, communications will have the greatest impact.
A bachelor’s degree in business or communications will provide many professional opportunities to our employees. Some will choose to pursue business management opportunities, while others may be interested in entrepreneurship. Various business management opportunities include becoming a human resource manager or even an executive manager, very possibly in our own company. Other people may choose to get involved with the government and politics. Again, this can also protect our company if any involvement in legal issues and political issues should arise.
A degree will allow our employees more career choices and opportunities.   Through their broaden skills and knowledge they will be able to expand to areas beyond their current specialization and contribute to other areas of the company as well. While the company gains from the knowledge learned and being utilized from the employees, the employees themselves gain from an increase in career options and salary potentials.
There are several types of careers that people with business and communications degrees pursue. These careers may include becoming a public relations specialist, a sales representative, an accountant, various types of managers, and many more. Several of the careers choices available are offered within our company which will encourage employees to maintain their employment with us.