Death Penalty

We all know that death penalty is the act of billing someone through judicial proceeds to reattribute a committed heinous crime like aggravated murder, contract killing or felony killing. These days it has been an issue whether death penalty should or should not be legal. There are people who think death penalty should be used and other that think it should not be used. The three reasons I agree and also disagree because of it serve as a deterrent, a sense of security and wrong conviction.
Firstly, it severs as a deterrent. As you know, murder is considered as one of the serious crimes a person can commit. A state that has death penalty laws would impose the punishment to a person who is accused of a homicide case. It helps to reduce the rate of homicide in a state.”…..helps reduce homicide on a national level and there is good anecdotal evidence that some of the worst offenders…….” [By Charles Putnam]. This would therefore reduce the rate of murder in a society due to fear of one’s life been taking by the law.”many death penalty supporters   interpret the biblical phrase “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth “.[By Smith Patricia].
Secondly it’s a sense of security. This would establish a form of security to the families of the victims. Not only the families of   the victims would feel secure to the punishment but also the people the state in which the crime was committed. Moreover, justice will only be provided to the victims and the family if the accused is giving a capital punishment.
However, there are cases of wrong convictions. This happens when a wrong DNA is taken from the crime scene “……Governor Quinn’s rationale: “I am deeply concerned by the possibility of an innocent person being executed”..”   [By Smith Patricia].   Well, many people have been convicted wrongly and found innocent after they have been executed. “The criminal justice system is not infallible and as long as states impose the death penalty...