Death Penalty

The Death Penalty
I am for using the death penalty as a punishment.   I do believe that the death penalty is a harsh punishment, but I am for using it.   I feel that if someone were to murder my family that they should also die.   That is the main reason I am for the death penalty.   It may be selfish on my part to think that way, but if someone is going to take my family away from me then they should be taken away from their family.   If they just go to prison then, their family can still visit them every 2 weeks.   But, in my case I would never be able to visit my family again.
I think that if a person’s punishment is going to be the death penalty then they should get it right away.   I do not think that it something that should be waited for.   People whose loved ones are murdered do not get to wait and know when their loved ones are going to die.   If they are sentenced to the death penalty then it should happen right away.  
There are three main crimes that I believe the death penalty should be used for, especially.   The first, of course, is murder like I have already talked about.   I think that a person that takes someone’s family should be taken from his family.   The second crime is rape.   I believe that a rapist should not get to live and think about what they have done, I think that they should be put to death.   Raping someone is something that the victim will have to live with for the rest of their life and it will be in their mind at all times.   The third crime that I believe needs the death penalty is child molestation.   Anyone who would take the innocence of a young child should not be living.   I believe that the death penalty should also be used for crimes that the sentencing can be life in prison without parole.  
I do not believe that there are alternatives to the death penalty in the crimes that I have mentioned above.   If someone murders someone they sit in prison and they get three meals a day, can work out, can watch TV, and can go outside....