Death Penalty

Jessica Keoviphone Keoviphone 1
Mrs. Petronelli
Law & Society
March 20, 2010
Death Penalty Issues
Dear Senator,
I’ve heard about your recent proposal about bringing the death penalty back to Rhode Island. I’m not completely sure about which side the state is going for, but maybe an input from the younger generation might help make an impact on the decision made. Personally, I don’t think that we should bring the death penalty back for three main reasons: 1. An innocent life might be taken away by mistake, 2. Some criminals wouldn’t even care if they died, and then we would just be doing them a favor, and 3. The stereotypical assumptions and racism against minorities.
Its sad to say that yes we do have a well enough justice system, but its also consisted of many flaws. Back when we did have the death penalty, there wasn’t enough ways to figure out if the criminal even did the crime in the first place. We took the words of so called “witnesses” that could have been lying or were put under pressure on the spot to just give an answer. Rhode Island first abolished the death penalty because of mistakenly putting an innocent person to death, and then we feared it could happen again, so we never used it since then. Isn’t this a good enough reason already? Do the people who support the death penalty even care of mistakes that could happen? What if it was their own family members and they couldn’t do anything to stop it? For example, in the Carlos DeLuna case when he was put to death because he “kind of” looked like the actual
Keoviphone 2
murderer and no one even wanted to hear him out when he said he knew he did it. It just made me change my mind about our justice system. Yeah, its understandable that he could have been lying about it but he had just gotten out of jail and I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to cause anymore trouble. It took them 15 years to figure out that he was actually innocent, 15 years previous Carlos DeLuna could have still...