Death Penalty

Abolishment of Death Penalty
                Murder has been around since human beings were able to control their physical strength. In the earlier days it was easy for the criminals to commit the crime without getting caught. Therefore the death penalty was passed to threaten the people from committing crimes and execute the criminals in legal ways. This method has been going around for a long time, but more people are against the death penalty solution. Is it really morally right to kill someone under the law? It is only telling the whole wide world that killing can be legal. The capital punishment does not remove the label as a murderer in anyway, so the death penalty is inefficient method as to decreasing and depleting criminal activity. P1
                Death penalties are preceded in different ways such as lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, hanging, and firing squad. They mostly use the lethal injection to make it a quick and clean death. Not all of the injections go as planned and must be finished with another injection because each person could take the lethal injection differently. The death sentences are given to serious murderers who are a threat to the society. Even though United States is a peace-loving country, it still has the death penalty in many states. It has been a controversial issue that many people were bothered by the capital punishment. There are more abolitionists than who want the death penalty to be part of the law. People who are for the death penalty say that people will fear the final penalty and therefore the murder rate will decline. The victim’s family has somewhat justice and criminals will fear the execution. They even state the Bible into this issue. Does the murder rate really go down? Does the victim’s family get what they want? Does everyone believe in the Bible? These questions should be proven right in order to keep the death penalty. P2
                People who believe that death penalty is justifiable can...