Death Penalty

Final Project
Name:   Zeeshan mushtaq
Roll number:   18-10638

Should Death Penalty Is Compulsory For The People Who Kills Other People?

Death penalty is a very contradictive topic and has received tremendous support to abolish it. Society considers death penalty to be very unethical and barbaric. Death penalty is basically a legal process in which the criminal is executed for committing serious crimes such as murder, rape or human trafficking. Death penalty is the most debatable issue in the world. There are also some people who think that death penalty should be legalized in order to provide justice to the people.
However I personally disagree that death penalty can put to end to a crime, nor can it help promote social security; but instead it is just a form of inhumane act which is immortal and it promotes violence and risks the innocent lives.
The proponents of this argument believe that death penalty is morally right and fair because when one life is taken, one life must be paid in return. This is a complete mistake in mortality. The fact is that every form of killing, even through death penalty, is obviously wrong because it does not make us moral by killing a killer. The question most people ask is that if the first killing is wrong then why do we allow the second killing? The former U.S president Jimmy Carter also stated that the process of death penalty is broken and cannot be repaired and now it should be the time to seek a better way and more moral substitution (Carter,2012a). In addition death penalty is not only immoral but it promotes violence. Death penalty encourages people to response to violence with violence. Bernice King who is the youngest daughter of Martin Luther King a famous civil rights activists assassinated in 1968 stated in an article that. “Having lost my father and grandmother to homicide, I can well understand the hurt, anger and frustration that lead some people to support the death penalty. Yet I can’t except the judgment...