Death Pen

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment or more commonly known as the Death penalty is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “putting a condemned person to death and executing them by judicial process”. Capital Punishment is an out dated and impractical solution to the problem of Crime in our World. The baric nature of this practice is frowned upon by most of the developed world and makes government seem undeveloped.   The United States government needs to do away with this barbaric practice of Condemning Prisoners to death.
The Death penalty has been a part of this nation’s history since it was founded. Great Britain brought their laws and standard of punishment across the ocean to the new colonies (Bedau). With this came Capital Punishment and it was in effect in all of the colonies. At the time it was necessary for the early colonies and states to execute dangerous criminals (Bedau). This was because states lacked the proper facilities to keep the public safe from such criminals (Bedau).
Currently there are 35 states that still have capital punishment as an option for punishment (Info Center). Of these 35 states that have the death penalty as an option for punishment of violent crimes. And only a handful of states such as Florida Texas and California will use capital punishment for cases that do not involve murder.   Also the U.S. Government and military reserve the right to execute people convicted of crimes against the country such as acts of terrorism against the United States (Bedau).   In every state that has the death penalty each execution must be approved by the governor of that state but the military and government executions must be personally approved by the President (Info Center).
There has only been handful of states to abolish the death penalty. Starting in 1846 Michigan was the first state to find that capital punishment is unconstitutional and it was abolished followed shortly by Wisconsin in 1853(Bedau). Most recently was New Mexico in 2009...