Death of a Traitor

So this is a short-story i chose to write.

Mr. Jefferson decided to steal an important document from the secretary at the company he had worked for. When the security had finally completed the case he was found guilty. They could not take this to the matters of law enforcement because if this secret got out the company itself would be in jeopardy and the entire corrupt company would be fined and sentenced to jail time. Later the evening they had cracked the case Mr. Jefferson was trailed to a bar and seduced by a young lady. She then lured him to the ally behind the bar and there awaited five large men carrying hand guns. These men were big and bad he could see by the look of their face scarred and their clothes tattered and ruined. Jefferson attempted to run and was close lined to his back where they then shot him one time. He was done and the document recovered from his apartment later the next day by a police officer investigating his death. He knew that this company had been corrupted and needed to be taken care of. Afraid of how deep the corruption went he did not trust his fellow officers. He had then looked for mercenaries to end this companies evilness spewed into the world. After accomplishing the task the officer had been sentenced to death for completing over thirty murders of civilians of the company and without the document he couldn't prove his innocence or reason for doing this and either way he knew that the courts would not see it as a just cause. This tragic tale ends the corruption of a company with two innocent men dead in shambles of something they would not have wanted a part in.