Death of a Slaes Man

English Essay

Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman” is an astronomical critique of the American Dream. The issues of “appearances over reality”, “materialism” and “social status” are all common factors in the play Death of a Salesman – which can relate to the issues faced when chasing the American Dream. Miller carefully plays with these issues in the play to show what following the American Dream can cause.

Emphasising great status on wealth and success can weaken any reputable morals an individual would have. Creating pressure on society to live the American Dream can produce feelings of low self-worth if it is not gotten hold of, pushing people to go further to accomplish it. It motivates people to go so far that anything stopping it is surpassed by any means necessary. The American Dream does not contain of being honest and true, it is about having the success and wealth that comes with it. By the actions of Willy Loman, it becomes clear that the morals and values he once had were damaged by his overwhelming need to gain the American Dream. Lying and cheating are a few of the many instances of the poor morals the Loman family stands by. Superficial qualities such as: popularity and personal attractiveness are a few of the qualities Willy feels are most vital. By pointing out the false values shown in the play it becomes easier to comprehend that the American Dream is what drives these values. Willy becomes so anxious to achieve his dream; he is willing to do whatever it takes. During the play, Willy encourages his son Biff to cheat so he is can pass his state exam gaining him acceptance to University. “Didn’t Bernard give you the answers”. This isn’t the only the time Willy encourages bad morals – Willy when told multiple times that he’s son Biff is a thief he constantly knocks it off and doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Willy says, “shut up”, with great force when told Biff is being chased by the cops. Willy stresses Biff's success because it...