Death Is the Enemy

Death is the Enemy |
Muaz Ahmad |
Ms. Ubie |
10/10/2011 |


It is always the same. I am running through the forest. The surreal trees, wrapped in vines, threaten to choke me. I run short and steady steps, my breath always comes in gasps. My chest aches from the pressure of anxiety. My flat feet sting from the triumph of blisters on the rugged terrain. The cool wind rushes all over my skin, stinging the bleeding wounds on my body. I can feel my enemy getting closer to me. I continue to force my body to move faster and faster, until I am set free through the night, the leaves, stars and sky is a blur. And he still continues gaining on me.
I want to grow wings, to fly away from this awful place. He caught my mother and will surely catch me, being much smaller and shorter. My entire body continues to ache in pain as I continue to push faster.
It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, I repeated in my mind. Why can’t I wake up? Why can’t I stop running? I know this is not real. Yet my adrenaline is rushing and forcing me onward. I cannot stop moving, I no longer feel my flattened feet. They’ve numbed from the pain, my entire body has numbed from the pain. I could no longer feel the warm blood flowing through my body, no longer feel the wounded scars as numb as they are. I could only feel the coldness of the night, my breath fog up right before me.
Oh no, I had seen the light, ignited spreading wildly through the trees. The orange light came closer and closer.   My mind is frozen in panic, not wanting to go forward but my body pushes me forward. My legs continue to drive on hitting the hard ground with the same steady rhythm. As I break through the trees, I’m entering a seemingly endless valley all engulfed in flames. The ground is now covered in ashes and burning coals. I run across them not even feeling them. The cuts on my body don’t hurt anymore either.
Oh please. Let me wake up. Let me wake up before he catches me. I race across the ground,...