Dear Arnold

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger
I had read that you had allowed the execution of multiple murderers, here in my letter will I give my opinion.   In many countries there are death sentence, and in some of USA’s states.    
Actually I am against capital punishment, but in some cases can a capital punishment be the right way.   I think that every human must have a new chance I life. I mean that everyone can improve trough the time and you learn from your mistakes. When somebody comes in prison should they get a treatment, because that can make them better people.
I trust more:’’ if somebody hit your right cheek, then give them the left one.” And I think it’s a better idea than eye-for-eye Principe, because: “an eye for eye makes the whole world blind!” like what Gandhi said.
You should punish a criminal to improve him/here. But you should not give him a capital punishment, then you can’t improve the criminal. Even though the death penalty is here to prevent somebody from killing.
There are somebody who had had a bad childhood, like to be beat by their parents or their parents or needed love, but not get it, or had set to much violence can make some consequence in the future in connection with criminality. Therefore was the person not bringing up. Then that person can become bring up again with a punishment. But you can’t bring a person up if he/she gets a death penalty or prison for life. If you get death penalty then you will die and never learn anything, and if you will be in prison for life then maybe you will learn more but you will never use your new learning to anything.
Like I said before can a capital punishment be the right way. For example, Saddam Hussein, and others like him, deserves to be hanged, because he killed people of his own volition.
And if a murderer said that it’s an accident, should there be proves, because a criminal can say that the murder was too, to self-defense or it was an accident, and comes with many other reasons. It would be quite...