Working Process in Greed Greedy OH&S

        Greedy Greedy’s occupational health and safety practices were getting worse and it was reviewed by the Lucky Lucky Consulting Group. The aim of this project was to create a better working condition that accepted occupational health and safety in Greedy Greedy Shampoo Company. This report was created for greedy greed’s management. Analyses of operational problems for Greedy Greedy Company are working condition and   the quality of supervisors.
        There are some problems which is bringing the company to a very bad situation. The biggest problem is the working condition. The forklift driver constantly drive too fast around the factory, this is very dangerous and could lead to a serious accident to employee. Also a further concern is the warehouse that a lack of space workers was forced to stack over 20 cartons of shampoo on top of one another that is a serious risk of these boxes collapsing and workers being injured. What are more, factory staffs does not wear hairnets when working in the factory. However they do wear white uniforms. Besides some of the workers insist on carrying drums of coconut milk that are too heavy which risk serious back injury and Greedy Greedy should be careful because this may lead to compensation claims for workers. Furthermore, other workers smoke in the factory when they are making the shampoo and this could affect the quality of the shampoo and increase the risk of fire within the factory. Another problem is the supervisors in the company. They seem to have casual attitude toward health and safety practices. And then Occupational Health Safety practices were observed over three days, but supervisors in factory did not seem interested in enforcing basic OH&S rules.
        In this report the problems in Greedy Greedy Shampoo Company was analyzed. There are 2 problems has been presented in this report. Problem 1 is working condition and problem 2 is the quality of supervisors....