Candace Butler

Class X7034, Dr. Pederson

Emerging Critical Issues in Education

April 21, 2010

Identify an emerging critical issue in education not covered in this course.   Predict how this issue might have short and/or long term implications in the field of education.

Closing achievement gaps between disadvantaged students and their wealthier counterparts is an emerging critical issue in education. Due to lack of resources and access to these resources, many economically disadvantaged students are at a disadvantage. They are not given a quality education. Much of research needs to be devoted to preventive measures rather than reactive measures. Instead of students failing or dropping out of school, their challenges need to be identified early and interventions put in place. Additionally, their parents need to be made aware of resources provided by the school system and community.

Often times, learning difficulties can be identified in children as young as 3 years old. “A 2000 RAND study found that, for whites, participation in Head Start is associated with a significantly increased probability of completing high school and attending college, as well as elevated earnings in one’s early 20s, while there was “suggestive evidence” that African American males who attended Head Start were more likely than their siblings to have completed
high school” (Teachers Q & A, 2006) . Programs such as these open the door for children to have   a successful academic career and can foster a positive attitude about education. “Providing greater equity for all young adults would also produce greater efficiency in the use of public resources. So this is a case where America truly can do well by doing good”   (Teachers Q & A-Congressman Charles Rangel, 2006).

Write a note to future students of this course including information on the emerging critical issues.

Dear Students,

You are about to embark on a journey that will encourage you to evaluate the current...

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