TMA01 Q1

I look at the making and remaking of lives as an ongoing transitional process, this can be affected by many factors personal or impersonal; local to international. Events such as economic decline or crises to the breakdown of a personal relationship can be contributors to this.

In City Road, Cardiff, we look at the lives of people living in a city in a continuing state of change. Where a transient community of Students and Immigrants, mix with the more settled (and generally older) inhabitants. Each of these groups is at different stages of the process of making or remaking their lives.

Janet Symmons has made her life in Cardiff, yet after struggling to keep her identity in a new country she has remade it through the opening of her business. Xsquisite Africa has allowed her to feel more at home by bringing her homeland culture to the community of City Road, keeping her story very much part of her life. (The Open University, 2014b)

In contrast, as seen in The Life and Times of the Street: Part 1, Mark Hocking has made and remade his life several times within City Road. Reacting with great skill to the economic constraints and changing patterns he encounters. He has consistently changed his business to suit the needs of the local area as well as to keep himself gainfully employed. (The Open University, 2014b)

In summary, it is clear that making and remaking lives is a constant process in everyday life across the UK.


Blakeley, G. and Staples, M. (2014) ‘The life and times of the street’, in Allen, J. and Blakeley, G. (eds) Understanding Social Lives, Part 1, Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 1–32.

TMA01 Q2

During this module I realise how rusty I am at studying. I’ve found it hard to focus due to the loss of my mum a few days before the module commenced. I need to have a more disciplined approach to study and a designated space in which to do it.