Identities are not always valued positively or perhaps interactions between those identities might have a negative effect or relationships between people might not always be equal and there might be imbalance in power. Jonathan Raban performed an experiment in Manhattan, New York were there was a high number of homeless people when he asked the pedestrians what are the views of homeless and the reaction was very negative later on he tried to walk down Manhattan and he was just seen as any other person there but once he sat down on a fire hydrant people suddenly started to ignore him and had a negative view of him. This is an identity position or subject position because when he sat down he positioned himself as one of the homeless (street people). This show that how we express ourselves and how we are seen by people is very fragile. Just like the street people seen in a negatively and that they share similarities same with nationalities.
Identities of differences first there were too many homeless to acquaint with each other but they still belong to the same group even though they may not have any other connection to each other just like people who read the same newspaper they may read newspaper that supports their political views but other than that there is not connection and that group will never come together. Another point to this is that the negative label that the street people have is that given by others to identify those people. The street people have negative label but on the other side we have a positive normal one this would be a unmarked identity because it’s not described and the way we divide people is referred to as Othering. For example there would be upper class and lower class where the upper class would describe the lower class with negative terms while they would be have an unmarked identity or between West and East but this kind of thinking is also dangerous because some might think that one is more superior then the other.