Dd101 Tma07

DD101 TMA 07

Examine and asses the claim that “what provides order in the international arena is fear”
In my essay I will evaluate how the “Realist” seeks to explain how international order is created and maintained and the belief that it is done through fear and power and the Liberal theory of social order ,that it is maintained by a code of conduct or agreed ethics on how to behave, i will mostly be focusing on how international order and disorder are governed and what role the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council, how and why it was set up and how they govern and implement the laws of some of the most powerful states in the world, I will also look at the balancing of power and the power struggles that can ensue within the international community.  
Order needs to be implemented nationally and internationally to try to ensure and maintain peace and most importantly security around the world; nations are not only governed by their own internal governments but also by the presence of the state. The state is “an idea based on shared expectations about the ordering of social life a set of organisations and a set of practices” (Blakeley and Saward, 2009, p.355), Liberal internationalism in the international community seeks to foster peace and security amongst all states, After the second world war the United Nations was formed with the expectation that it would speak out for and on behalf of the international community, the international community is a specific set of rules and rights   that have been set and overseen by the United Nations and governs the protocols for how we are to treat each other and how to behave most notably it mostly concentrates on the human rights universally and operated on the bases of equality for all sovereign states and the equal treatment of all under international law regardless of their nationality and expects all sovereign states to adhere to this regardless again of its financial wealth. (Exploring Social Lives,...