Dd101 Tma06

Evaluate the claim that migrants represent a threat to the UK economy.

In recent years their has been a vast influx of migrants to the UK. Migrants do have an effect and impact on the UK economy. The benefits and costs of migrants has been greatly debated. This assignment will focus on who are classed as migrants, as this in its self   has been debated and different organisations use different classifications to meet their own needs. Mainly the government and Migration Watch. Migration Watch are the main group against migration. This assignment will also focus on if and how migrants pose a threat to the UK economy.

Firstly who are classified as migrants?   This can be difficult to define. Different definitions produce different quantitative evidence so can be distorted. “ According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS, 2009), a long term international migrant is someone who changes his or her country of usual residence for a period of at least a year, so that the country of destination becomes the country of usual residence.” (Raghuram 2009, Pg 164). This movement is one way of defining a migrant. Other criteria that is used is a person’s country of birth. The term foreign born is used to identify migrants. This however has its flaws as some one who has lived in this country for many years and are now citizens are classed the same as people who have just arrived.   Citizenship is also important but can be difficult in studying migration. Some can be classed as migrants under one category but discounted under another. This is a controversial issue as do migrants represent a threat to the UK economy?

To explain if migrants represent a threat to the UK economy then you need to know the theories behind migration. There is three main theories of migration. The first of these is the push-pull theory. In this theory the person is pushed away from their usual place of residence and pulled towards other places. This could be due to conditions in which they live...