Dd101 Tma02

TMA 02
Outline the claim that consumption creates new social division
My plan is to discuss how consumption has created new social division. I will be looking at different groups of people that we have and how it affects our lives. How the poor and the less privileged are affected by this new social division, who benefits the most. Who are the winners and the who are the losers. I will also show the evidence from the three social scientist Zygmund   Baurman, Thorsten Veblen and Warren Susman who have different opinions when it comes to consumer choice. I will look into the big supermarkets, the way they use power to get what they want. I will raise the fact that consumption really does create social division.
We are living in different world than we used to in the olden days. If we look at the modern UK society comparing it to the past. People then used to work in the factories and mainly men used to work more than women. Kings build statues, designed palaces, collected valuables all in the effort to display to their peers. In my own understanding is that in the past it was all about where you worked, and only those could afford the luxury life. However these desire to display status has not changed over time. The only difference is that in this modern society everyone tries to display their status through products they consume. Consumers seek to define public perception of themselves through the products they own, on the other hand this created more social division. Equality play an important role in this as well some people are able to afford whereas the poor and the unemployed are being left out ,they can’t afford fit into this society. The town centres are now overshadowed by big shops and shopping centres. And the retail parks are being opened away near the motor ways which makes it harder for people (those with no cars) to get to. Moreover these retail parks offer variety of goods and good and secure parking for those travelling from far they also offer...