Dd101 Tma01 - Outline How Some Win and Others Lose on a Street That You Know

The high street in Westbourne is constructed in a circular pattern designated as Poole and Seamoor Roads respectively; and the differences between this area I know and love so well and the City Road in Cardiff introduced to me by the Making Social Lives DVD, simply could not be more startling. On the balance of appearance, it would seem that one has all the benefits and the other all the losses.

Both Dr. Elizabeth Silva and Dr. Simon Bromley (‘Material Lives’, 2009,     scene 1) mention in separate conversations about City Road that the various “street furniture” was designed in a mentality that seems to consist of only utilitarian and restricting thought processes. For instance, there was mention of specific colouring for the partially-sighted as well as the existence of obstructions to impede motorists, presumably with the assumption that they will park illegally unless they are constrained from doing so. This seems to be the antithesis of the concept utilised in designing Westbourne. While Westbourne also has what could be described as “street furniture”, and it too is painted a uniform colour, (albeit a glossy black instead of blue-grey) as well as being fit for the purpose of directing both pedestrian and motorist traffic; it also manages to be welcoming and friendly by the addition of hanging baskets filled with seasonal flowers and plants on the railings, which surround and direct said traffic. The benefit of this simple addition makes this a far more pleasant environment in which to be and to observe. A simple addition, I note, that the inhabitants of City Road lose out on in their much more no-frills setting. However, unlike City Road, there does not seem to be the catering to small, sub-sectioned groups; such as the partially-sighted or the criminally inclined. In Westbourne I am afraid, they would seemingly be expected to assist themselves, each with their own needs.

In observing the evening activities catered for in both City Road and...