Dbq Newengland & Chesapeake

Although New england and the Chesapeake regions were both settled by the same group of people they both developed distinct societies. This distinction could be the result of many things. difference of idea's in land distribution, difference in settlers or difference in the type of economy that came with the land. Which was truly more successful is questionable but the fact that they both gave people a new type of society is a true.

Although both settlers were from the same region   there was a strong distinction between the groups that went to each location. As shown in Document B, the majority of the groups that went to New england were families. This allowed the community to more diverse as it involved many different types of people such as servants as well as wealthy land owners.In addition with woman and children being apart of the society it allowed the new england region to be more fluent and prosperous   In contrast in Document C it showed that majority of the immigrants where men. There was almost no women and or kids aboard the roster towards the Chesapeake region. This created a more isolated society since there was almost no diversity in the group of settlers and with no women or children life was fairly set and slow moving.

Another distinction between the two society’s was the difference in distribution of land. As seen in Document D the “Articles of Agreement” with the group sailing to Massachusetts bay land was going to be distributed evenly. It clearly states that “ everyone will have planting grounds”   This not only lead to a distinction between the two societies it also led to a diverse agriculture and trade.(Outside Information). Again in contrast in Document H an excerpt from Bacons “Manifesto”   he tells of the unfair distribution of land in Virginia and the Chesapeake region. In contrast to New England's fair land distribution Bacon talks about how all the land goes to single and wealthy individuals. This Unfair distribution lead to...