Dbq 2

Sarah Janda
DBQ #1
Andrew Jackson and his followers thought that their standings on certain subjects were always correct. However, many people would beg to differ. Their positions on many things were controversial. However, the Jacksonians thought that their ways were right in all aspects including, individual liberties, political democracy, guardians of the Constitution, and equality of economic opportunity. The difference found was that Jackson did support political democracy and economic opportunities, while he also showed that he was neither a guardian of the Constitution nor a supporter of individual liberties.
The Jacksonian Democrats showed their support for political democracies through the spoils system. In the system, Jackson appointed many of his own followers into office. It was claimed to be necessary in order to have an efficient government. Jackson said that “every man is just as good as his neighbor.” He thought the job was simple and any upstanding American could rise to the task. Jackson showed that each generation was just as important as the next. Just as Jackson brought importance to his office, he also thought the working man was important. It was believed that they should have unalienable rights just like everyone else (Document A). In the Constitution, man is granted life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which cannot be taken away. People are shown that everybody is equal; therefore, the government and all people in office should be equal too. Martineau, who was an author made a trip to the US. She saw nothing but independent citizens (Document D). It showed that the political democracy was fair without ignorance or insolence (Document D). Another thing that was brought up during this time was Universal White Manhood Suffrage. This was where all white men were extended the right to vote, not just the males with the necessary amount of land. This made many things more equal and democratic. And finally, Jackson showed his support...