Day Care Comes to Northville

Daycare Comes To Northville
      The Midwestern town of Northville is experiencing complications’ drawn from a shifting change in the makeup of the medium-sized city’s workforce growing to over 1800 employees, with a breakdown where 35 percent of women hold a position of employment, with the men included in this assessment-the total percentage of workers needed assistance with child care duties rises to well over forty percent. This rising culture of a more integrated workforce of women and men, thereby render a need for a county daycare program to accommodate the changing face of the county’s labor force.
      The symptoms surfacing due to this most urgent need have reared its head in the areas of tardiness and high absenteeism among Northville city workers. Because of these evidential problems, Mayor Petula Spark, several of the members of the city council, and the union leader of the major city employees', Denardo Legato, agree that something must be done to alleviate the symptomatic issues that threaten the activity and productivity of the city and its worker (Cascade Center for Public Service Public Service Curriculum Exchange, 2000).
      Budget issues are paramount with the city funds in high demand and insufficient funds to cover all the required expenses and dealing with the challenge of supporting the workers with an adequate daycare facility. The city agrees to provided the space and pay the utilities, while the daily operations of the facility will need to be hammered out. The remaining budget responsibilities consist of the $500 cost of yearly inspection fee for the facility, training fee of $200 per person for all new daycare workers, while administrative staff of Tiny Tot’s will take on the additional paper, as Ms. Perfekt is already engaged in maintenance of records. Additional expenses include a total year of all salaries including contributions and fringe benefits to all employees’ totaling around $370,584 annually. Generated income...