David Kaplan

Thomas Duval
Radio Sports Play by Play
David Kaplan review
The latest speaker for our class was David Kaplan. He is a sports talk show host for WGN. He hosts a one hour daily sports talk show on CSN Chicago. He also does color analyst for college basketball games on television.
David got his start in broadcasting after doing many years on the scouting scene for basketball. I am still bewildered how he got his start after someone from Sports Channel called him up and asked if he’s ever done a game before. David hadn’t at the time, but he told them otherwise. Obviously it worked out for very well for his benefit. Even though lying isn’t bad and definitely not recommended, you do need to do what it takes to break in this business. The scouting and coaching he has done before, helped when being a color analyst.
Finding a break to get in the business is probably the toughest thing to do. You have so much competition around you and have to perfect yourself. David mentioned never saying no. I think that is very key advice, because sure you may not like the event you are covering, but you never know down the road by taking that opportunity how it will pay off for you.
Like David, I’m not too much into NASCAR. If I’m ever asked to cover it, I would be sure to be so well versed into the sport I would know everything about it and could relay that to the viewers. The viewer most likely can see through any BS, you better be knowledgeable when talking about a topic.
Another important aspect I learned from David as is this can be a 24/7 job. You have breaking news at all hours of the night. He’s said he had to cancel dinner plans with the wife and work on holidays. I know my wife understands the industry I want to work in. Her father Tom Shaer worked for NBC in the 90s and would usually have to be with the Chicago Bulls on Christmas when they would play. There are definitely sacrifices in this business and its nontraditional working hours, but how much do you want...