Dave Pelzer: My Story

Book: My Story

Author: Dave Pelzer

Genre: Autobiography

Teaser: “Now sit on the stove so I can watch you burn and die."

An overwhelming autobiography made up of three parts: “A Child Called „IT‟”, “The Lost Boy”, and “A Man Named Dave”. This book is a journey taking us through different phases of Dave Pelzer‟s life and recalls the turmoil he has experienced. A captivating read, one which once opened, would be hard to put down. In certain parts of the book, while the author is recalling some particularly mortifying events, one cannot help but greatly empathize with him. Even though Dave Pelzer is not a trained writer,

he successfully manages to reach his audience when describing certain scenarios in a very graphical way. In my opinion this is shown in the way his autobiography is plotted. More sensitive readers should be warned of the very realistic and shocking approach taken by the book. Some parts might be very hard to read at times. Do not let this dishearten you since this book is very rewarding and worthwhile to read. A Child Called „It‟ A story describing a young child‟s struggle for survival, as he suffered his emotionally unstable and alcoholic mother who played torturous, unpredictable games which almost left one of her three boys dead. These punishments are reported to have evolved into "sick games" in which she made her son suffer. He was no longer considered a son to her, but reduced to merely an „IT‟, hence the title of the first book. The only thing that kept Dave going was the dream of finding a family who would love and care for him. The Lost Boy The second part of the trilogy. This book recalls how he got out of the predicament and the torture he had suffered living under his mother‟s roof and rule. It gives readers an insight into the way foster homes work. It also deals with the problems Dave, as a „lost boy‟, had with fitting into a society which doesn‟t care to understand the reason why he is different.

A Man Named Dave...