Daughter's Loss

A Daughter’s Los
  The Center for Allied Health Nursing Education

                                                          A Daughter’s Loss
Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? Yes, I am talking about me losing my father in a sudden death. I lost my father August 9, 2000 and up to this time I always wish if I could only turn time. He was good man, good provider, caring and loving. He was always there for us. He cooks and do household chores just to make sure that we have time to study and to focus on our school work. He was our only hope and the chance in order for us to fulfill our dreams through his hard work. He did everything he could just to send us to college. My dad was a government employee; they were responsible for making and repairing roads.   He works from early morning to evening, soaked on the mid day sun.   My father did not mind it all, so he can provide food for his family and to give his children a better future.
My father worked so hard every day in order to have enough money to pay for tuition for his children. He sacrificed his needs for his children. Foods were provided three times a day. All we have to focus on were to have good grades and nothing else. Growing up in a foreign land and with a father like my dad was so different than others. We are so used to our parents providing our daily needs and forget the importance of appreciation. I don’t remember my dad sitting at home and relaxing. He was always doing something to earn money in order to support his family. He always made sure that his children have everything they need and wanted.
I migrated 1995 with the help of my aunt. Living away from home made me a better person. I realized I had it good, no responsibility, no worries, no bills to pay except to worry about myself. Every father’s day, I remember my dad of how good a father he was.   He was the...