Supply chain Information Management 201
Semester 2 – 2014

  Individual Assignment

Due date: Week 11 (October 29th, 11:59 p.m.)
Submission: Online through Turn it in under Assessment tab
Marks: 10 marks each question, total 20 marks

  1. You will need to select two of the three following questions and answer in the short answer style (maximum 1000 words in each question).
  2. You are welcome to draw diagrams or figures. You may want to explain these with sentences. You can give examples to help illustrate the points you want to make.
  3. The answer should be clear, logical and cover all aspects of assignment question
  4. The answer should bring in the concepts, theories, and analysis tools to case questions.

Question 1:

Amazon’s business model was initially based on books delivered direct from supplier to customer, with its web site as the intermediary channel. Amazon also lost huge amounts of money for some years. Eventually it created a distribution network able to deliver around the world. Answer the following questions:
  1. Explain the original distribution model
  2. Explain the current model
  3. What are the important features of the current distribution model?
  4. Amazon is now an outsourced logistics provider in its own right. Explain how.
Hint: Start with searching amazon distribution network.

Question 2:

Answer these questions regarding to how to use Facebook as a business intelligence tool.
  1.   How can Facebook features be used to set up home delivery business model (think of an example – for instance, online fashion, etc )?
  2.   What Facebook strategy would you use to make your business successful?
  3. How would you structure your supply chain (include use of outsourcing or other relationships)?
  4. What are the ethics issues and how can they be rationalised or justified?
Hint: Start with exploring Facebook and look closely at its features. Read this...