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A.How did you become a Supervisor?
Respect - Treat everyone on the job with respect and courtesy at all times. As a supervisor and therefore, a company representative, you need to set the example for everyone else. Even the new guy who you don't really care for, needs to be shown the same respect as the rest of your crew. You need not be friends with your people - and should actually avoid close friendships with subordinates to avoid real or imagined favoritism - but you do need to get along with them.
Delegate - Learn to give out jobs or tasks to each of the people you supervise. Some of them, like the older woman who has been there for ten years, may not need close supervision and can be trusted to meet her quotas and deadlines. Still others, especially new people will need to be monitored periodically to ensure that they know what to do and how to do it.
Communicate - You should have departmental meeting with your people on a weekly basis and in some cases, where time sensitivity is paramount, daily meetings to ensure that everyone's priorities are the same. Encourage questions and be courteous in answering them so as to encourage others to come forward if they don't understand. If language issues exist, get someone who is bilingual to help explain the duties to the non-English speaking employees.
Prioritize - Keep everyone in your group aware of the priorities and the order of priorities so they will do first things first. Avoid telling one employee and expecting him to communicate it to his work mates, unless he is a qualified lead person. This presents the impression of favoritism, particularly if it is the same employee who gets the information first all the time.
Be Professional - Don't bring your problems to work or talk too much about your personal life with your crew. However, be cognizant of the fact that each of your employees will have personal...

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