Dark Knight

“The Dark Knight   Rises” Visual Analysis
*materials - This visual Communication is a poster, designed to be seen on the street, perhaps in bus stops, subways and freeways. As such it would have probably been printed on high grade, weatherproof paper, perhaps glassy although most likely with a semi matt finish to minimize glare. The Inks (mainly Black & White) would also have to have been weatherproof.
*Methods – Although posters were traditionally printed by Screen print or lithographic techniques, this poster is most likely to have been printed on a large-scale industrial ink jet Printer. The production process is most likely to have been automated, however   The Designer would have to have been involved to a great degree in terms of manual design methods.
*Media – This Visual communication most likely started it’s life as a sketch on a designer’s pad. In order to put the final design together however, it is likely that photography would have been a starting point. This image is obviously manipulated but the buildings look fairly realistic so it is safe to assume that the designer Photographed some buildings from street level, looking upwards. The rubble that is falling may also have been photographed individually then placed onto the final image. The background is cloudy sky so would also have been a photographic image. Bringing these together and manipulating the image would probably have occurred digitally, using an editing programme such as Adobe Photoshop.
* Design Elements- This Visual Communication is unusual in that the most striking feature is the negative space created by the silhouette of the crumbling buildings. The background which is made up of a clouded sky, actually creates the figure of the Bat symbol. The Lines of the buildings that converge as they appear to draw away from us toward the centre of the image create an effective illusion of depth and a sense of perspective that is almost vertiginous. The rubble seems quite realistic and the...