He let out a loud sigh as he bent over to clean the sink. All this moving around played a great toll on his aged back. He grunted as he finished cleaning the mirror-like white sink. As he stood up he turned his head to, once again, observe the heavy atmosphere lifeless empty corridor. The patients were all asleep in their chambers. Not even a mouse made a sound. There probably wouldn’t be a mouse in private hospital that specialises in cancer research; the only one in this prosperous country.
The small clock hanging high on the plain white wall next to the elevator read 9 o’clock. It was time for him to go to the ‘Intensive Children’s Section’ for his daily chore; it was harder than cleaning behind toilet doors.
As he reached the main corridor, his heartbeat quickened. He always felt nervous when he reached this part of the hospital. Past memories flowed through his mind, bringing back shards of his memory best left forgotten.
He turned and in front of him stood a white sliding door. It was just like all the other doors standing in the corridor; just like a mirror. As he pushed the door, a high friendly voice greeted him like an old friend who hasn’t seen him for a long time.
“Joseph! You’re finally here; I’ve been waiting for you.”
Her smiling face seemed so out of place... it was like the heavy atmosphere of the hospital had no effect on her.
“Are you going to read to me again? Can you read this for me?”
She handed him the book ‘Scenery Paintings’.
“I’ve already read this three times for you.”
“But I love this book. I love seeing the places outside and hearing about what people do there! Read it for me again.”
Her huge brown puppy dog eyes dug deep into his heart.
“Fine, pass me the book.”
His face looked reluctant as he sat down next to her bed. However, when he started reading, a nostalgic feeling engulfed his mind. The dingy hospital room, usually so foul and cold, seemed to light up. A warm pleasant feeling spread throughout the room; like the...