Dan Ryan’s Grill

  When we operate or open the restaurant, we should understand our restaurant what is the better aspects than other restaurants. For that reason, we should explore the other restaurant that is Chicago Dan Ryan’s Grill. We will understand the restaurant to strengthen our operation knowledge through the different aspects including cuisine and theme of the restaurant, property analysis and unique selling points.

Cuisine and theme of Dan Ryan’s Grill
Type of cuisine
  The theme of Dan Ryan is America food. Also, there are different types of food such as appetizers, soups, salads, steaks and chops, desserts, etc. In this food, it has different America food. For example, one of the Baby Back Ribs that is US Rose’s ribs, seasoned, smoked, slow roasted and finished on the char-grill with Dan Ryan’s special BBQ sauce served with French and homemade coleslaw.

Background and profile of the owning company
  The owning company of Dan Ryan’s is windy city international limited that is established before 1989. Since their mission statement combining youthful ideas and aggressive allows Windy City to be forward-thinking, nimble in the marketplace and quick to put innovative concepts into action, the windy city is leading restaurant in Asia marketing. They also are many restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China such as Lucques tavem, AN-TICO, Amaroni, etc. At this moment, we will understand the Dan Ryan’s of windy city.

  Dan Ryan’s is established at 1989. There are four restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. They provide authentic US Rose’s ribs that people can taste it outside the US. The décor of Dan Ryan’s takes inspiration from a 1940’s Chicago bar and grill. Even the music, lights or posters are followed by Chicago.

Comment on the restaurant as compared to the cuisine served
  In the Dan Ryan’s, the décor is followed by Chicago, and the restaurant foods are America food. As a result, it is very suitable between the food and...